Mions are soft, cute denizens of the Dreamlands. They are filled with magic and dream dust, allowing them to travel freely between the Dream Realm and Realm of Reality. Their magic makes them capable of many things but they use their magic to defend all the Realms from Malums.

Malums are negative energy given form. Most of them are small and not a problem, but there are times that if left unchecked, these small cocoon like balls of shadows and evil can manifest into a stronger, bigger, and physical form. It is the task of every Mion to do their part to keep Malums in check and to protect those from the Dream Realm but those from the Realm of Reality as well.

Mions are attached to a “totem” or a object that was considered significant from their previous life in Realm of Reality. These totems can store memories and feelings as well as replay them. Totems can be held by a Mion, tucked away in a different dimension for safe keeping, or stored within 

their bodies. If a totem is destroyed, the Mion who owned that totem will cease to exist.



Mions have cute, malleable, and flexible bodies. Due to their magic their size can differ greatly. Normally they

 are around 2ft-4ft, but with magic they become small enough to fit in your hand or be as tall as the average human. Mions are soft to the touch and have a plush-like feel to them. Their fluff can be all kinds of textures such as hair, fur, fluff, etc. Their arms differ as well. Fingers can be pointed or more rounded as you wish. Their hands have a total of 4 finger: 1 thumb and 3 main digits.

If one were to dissect a Mion, all they would find is stuffing. However, this is not normal stuffing. Their “stuffing” is a cloud-like material that is saturated with magic and can take many forms within their bodies. Their inner body can be access through a stitch on their back and can store their Totem or other objects as well.

Having plush-like bodies, their bodies can withstand hot and cold. Each Mion also can have and retain unique scents but objects being placed within themselves or by using perfumes or other things that have scents.



Totems are another unique aspect of a Mion. When a Mion is born, they emerge from their Pearls with a physical memento from their former lives. These items, or totems are extremely precious and special. Mions can use their totems to record, keep, and play back memories. Because of this special link, if a totem is destroyed, the Mion will no longer exist.

There are some special expections. Lightbearers and Shadow Walkers are born without totems due to their precious lives not have any physical attachments with items. For Legendary Mions, their powers are deemed so great, that they can live even if their totem is destroyed. They can have multiple totems that can function as well.



Unlike the common Mion, there are two special types of Mion that are rare and are born through specific conditions. These two types of Mion are Lightbearer Mions and Shadow Walker Mions.


Lightbearer Mions are a special and unique Type of Mion. While most Mions are born with a totem from their Pearl, Lightbearers are not born with a totem at all. Their birth is considered special. Rather a being birthed by a pearl that is created when a Malum takes a life in the Dream Realm, a Light Pearl is created when a being makes sacrifices their own life within the Dream Realm, revealing the pure light within them and thus forming a Light Pearl.

Inside their bodies is a bright light that is the source of their life and their powers. Since they have no totem like a common Mion, if this light within them is ever extinguished they will no longer cease to exist. Their light is extremely powerful but can only be used for good. Most Lightbearer Mions are born as Royalty or as high-ranking Mions within the Kingdoms.


Shadow Walkers are another unique type of Mion that are artificially created. Due to the strength of Malums and their danger against not only the denizens of the Realm of Reality, but also those in the Dreamlands as well. Research on Malums have lead the Mions of the Weaver Kingdom to take the remnants of defeated stronger Malums and recreate a Pearl. Just like Lightbears are born without a totem, it is the same with the Shadow Walkers. A dark force leftover from the Malum gives life of the Mion within the Pearl. This darkness is stored within the Shadow Walker and is the source of their life and their power. Just like how Lightbearers have more healing and powerful magics, Shadow Walkers have a very chaotic and destructive force. Because of this, they do have tendencies to go out of control and those it is the job of all the other kingdoms to keep the Shadow Walkers in check. Despite their destructive power, Shadow Walkers are not evil but there are many Mion populations that are weary of Shadow Walkers.


Being imbued with the magic of the Dreamlands, their original forms actually inhibit much of their magical abilities and capabilities. When going against stronger than usual Malums, its not uncommon for a Mion to turn into their true form or Beast Form.

A Mion’s beast form unleashes all of their magic capabilities. Because of this, they are very large in size ranging from 7ft to 15ft average length. With their magic, they can change their size to either very large or very small. It is very possible for Mions in their beast form to become bipedal; but using their beast form drains their energy and magic pretty quickly.

  • Beast forms are their true form
  • Can be between 7ft – 15ft in length, but they can change their size
  • Can have a Human and/or Kemonomimi form, or Taur form
  • Beast form can have an “Anthro” form / be bipedal

Mions can use their magic to take on other forms as well. When traveling to the Realm of Reality, its very common for Mions to become Human and maintain a human form for as long as their magic will allow. Also for fun in the human form, they can show off their ears and/or tail, taking a Kemonomimi form.

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