The Hunter Kingdom

  On the edge of darkness where the greatest of Malums prowled and stalked lay the home of the bold chasers of shadows, the Hunters Kingdom. Where their neighbors of the Weaver Kingdom defended themselves against darkness with the wonders of technology, the Hunter Mions resorted to the older and almost primal traditions of a more barbaric age of warfare. Against the terrible hordes of the Malums their cunning and brute strength had overcome the more savage and primitive natures of even the great Malum Lords.

Their land was given by the High Monarch, finding freedom from the will of the Weaver King. In their wish truly separate themselves from their technological creators, they strive to be opposite: instead of towers of steel, castles of dark stone were made. Instead of the belief of science and progress, they believed in loyalty and the strength of bonds. Every Shadow-Walker has a role, from the Shadow-Walker Monarch to the lowest footsoldier. While rank and duty is everything to the Shadow-Walkers, making a rigid social structure, strength and determination does not go unnoticed, allowing those to climb social ranks in the Hunter Kingdom. The more fearsome you are, the higher you become. 

Shadow Pearls are given and raised by the whole kingdom, teaching and guiding each member of their society. Shadow-Walkers are allowed to leave, to explore the Dreamlands and to hunt Malums as is their birthright, but they know they always have a home to return too, a place that will always accept them if no others might.