The Dreamlands

The Dream Realm or the “Dreamlands” is the realm where Mions, Malums, and all beings outside the Realm of Reality exist. This land is always morphing and changing but there are some set locations that do not shift. It’s borders are almost infinite and are influenced by the dreams of the denizens within the Realm of Reality, so there are times that places can completely diminish due to a lack of good dreams.

This realm can go against the natural laws that the Realm of Reality is subjected to. Skies can change colors, waterfalls can flow upward, etc. Since this realm is home to many good news, it is also home to Malums. The Realm of Reality can influence Malums’ power which can spread dark influences through the land and corrupt the flora and fauna. The Mions and Malums are the balance of not only the Dreamlands but the Realm of Reality as well.