The Days of Oneiros Legend, Pt.II

With the fate of the DreamLands resting with these brave five, the High Monarch gave them their blessings and their quest. Without a moment to spare, the five mions sped off to face the Malums. Their paths were separate from one another, each on their own solo journey in hopes to encounter the fiends sooner than later. That was except for the Knight from Somnus Tower. Fear and doubt gripped their heart, unsure if they would be able to complete their task or die in vain. After many days the five heroes returned to Somnus Tower, triumphant in their battles against the Malum Lords. And yet one loomed in the Horizon, growing so massive it could block out the celestial bodies in the sky that illuminated the colorful world. Questions burned on the minds of the Heroes. Would Tophel not consume the rest of the DreamLands? Why come straight for the Tower? The realization dawned on the fearful Somnus Knight.

It was the Knight who realized Tophel’s aim was to enter the Lethe Mirror. The terrifying Lord of Nightmares would devour the waters of the Well of Eternal Rest, consuming the very blood of the DreamLands itself. With what little time the Heroes could prepare themselves, Tophel descended upon the Tower. Its massive blackness seemed to swallow up everything, even the largest structure that could be seen from all points of the land. From the very top of Somnus Tower, the Heroes waged their final battle against the great evil. Though they fought with all the courage, strength, and tenacity they could muster, it wasn’t enough. The heroes fell until the only thing standing in Tophel’s way was the Somnus Knight. The fearful yet brave knight stood guard in front of the Lethe Mirror. A power from within it’s fluff and soul rose and sprang forward, changing it’s form into something more majestic and fearsome. A large, six limbed beast that bore the Knight’s visage and totem roared at the chaotic entity. Its fangs and claws tore away at Tophel and shredded the Smoke-Mirror’s flesh. All that fell from the Malum Lord’s body seemed to restore the devoured land and beauty of the DreamLands. The fierce battle waged on until the massive being who once blacked out the sky barely resembled the great nightmare it was before. Before the Knight could deal the finishing blow, Tophel escaped.

The fear of annihilation was over and the Knight revived his defeated comrades. There was no time to celebrate for all five heroes and the Grand Monarch all knew the danger was not over just yet. The five traveled together to the ends of the DreamLands to a land of darkness; the home of the Malums. It was there the defeated Malum Lords protected what remained of their leader, feeding him the darkness of other lesser Malums to revive him. It was at this moment the Heroes knew what they must do. Unveiling their precious totems, the Heroes ushered and unified whatever magic they had left and created a barrier. This seal trapped the Malums Lords within these dark islands forever, at the cost of the lives of the Heroes, except the fearful Knight. The fact the barrier is incomplete is why Malums can still be found wandering through the peaceful DreamLands, but the Malum Lords were never seen or heard from again...


The Days of Oneiros, the days the DreamLands almost met its end yet also witnessed a brand new beginning. The ending of this tale of fear, bravery, and sacrifice differ for each kingdom. Some say the last Hero, the fearful Knight, was shamed for their unwillingness to complete the barrier. Some say they exiled themself to wander the Dreamlands helping those in need; while others claim they went back to tell the tale of their comrade’s bravery and conquest over the Malum Lords. Many more endings have been told, but each to believe? That’s for you to decide.