The Days of Oneiros Legend, Pt.I

At the dawn of the golden age, the first Mions came into being. There were many of all sorts, great and small and powerful and crafty. All bore totems of a life once held before their untimely demise at the teeth and claws of those most foul denizens called Malums. In that more innocent time, the Well of Eternal Rest lay open and free there for all who sought it at the top of Somnus Tower, as it slowly built itself. It was unguarded and unprotected for none believed it would ever come under threat.


In those days Malums roamed more freely than they do now, but not many Mions were trained in the art of combat. Of course in that age none had ever seen quite so large and terrible as they were known today. While some had grown abnormally large, there were always some small number of Mion who trained in the art of battle to easily vanquish them. None had suspected that within the hearts of darkness where Malums grow and fester that such terrible forces were growing, merging, and feeding off the weak; maturing into titans that would rattle the very DreamLands themselves. As the Malums grew, so did their appetite that devoured the very lands themselves, leaving nothing but a sea of emptiness. Their feedings became organized, devouring more than what the self expanding lands could replace. 


A great sadness swept the land. The Origin was no longer alive in the Realm of Reality and thus the Well of Eternal Rest took on its final shape. The ethereal waters that followed flowed from its eyes reflected the very essence of the Realm itself. Soon after they took on the reflection of a similar and yet vastly different dimension. A thin piece of enchanted glass became its only doorway, forged into a grand mirror bridging the two realms. The creation of the Lethe Mirror was seen as an ill-fated omen and desperate plea for help as the emptiness started to creep closer and closer towards Sonmus Tower. Many villages fell to their might, the survivors all described such terrible visions as their nightmarish faces were forever burned into their minds. The terrible Malum Lords were soon given names, which became known swiftly across the DreamLands: 


Lucif the Grieving

Ibles the Sense-Taker

Devau the Despairing

Narak the Rotting


And the vilest of them all…

 Tophel the Smoke-Mirror

The Monarchs of each of the kingdoms grew desperate as the threat of annihilation loomed closer every day. They pleaded to the High Monarch in Somnus Tower, the wisest of all, and yet not even they had the solution. With no choice, a royal call was sent to each corner of the DreamLands: “Please defeat the Malum Lords and save our world.”

From this heavy-hearted prayer, only 5 Mions stepped forward. One from each kingdom of that era: The Magic Kingdom, The Fable Kingdom, The Artisan Kingdom, and the Oracle Kingdom, and the final hero being none other than the head of the Monarch Guard in Somnus Tower. Each was well respected and beloved by all in their respective lands. As they stood before the High Monarch, the wise leader saw something special in these brave few:

The Essence of Happiness

The Essence of Fulfilment 

The Essence of Hope

The Essence of Life

And yet for the head of their own guard, the Monarch looked deep within their totem to find...nothing.