Society & Culture

Mions have a very interesting and unique social structure. Kindness and happiness is expected from every Mion no matter their social standing but Mions are all unique in behavior some some can be wild, goofy, and even ill-mannered or evil. Mions follow a social hierarchy with royals and monarchies but the power is held with the common people.

The Mion hierarchy focuses around the High Matriarch and the Matriarch Mions of their respected kingdoms. Every decision that is made is consulted with every Mion by vote to the Monarch. The Monarch gets no say nor decision in any matters. If there are urgent and emergency matters, after getting opinions from their people, each Monarch convenes at Somnus Tower to meet with the High Matriarch. The High Matriarch can only reason but the votes of the Mions from each kingdom are only considered and is put to vote. This structure was put in place for the Monarchs to not abuse their positions. If a Monarch or noble abuse their position, they can be replaced by anyone voted by the people. In the Dreamlands, bloodlines and lineages do not exist. Mions must prove to their fellow peers and leaders they have what it takes to be in that social role. The only thing this gets overlooked is when the Dream Seer of the Oracle Kingdom receives a prophecy. Prophecies are always followed and never ignored so careless without cause. Prophecies can range from smaller feats to important life-changes.

Life within the Dreamlands is different but are similar to life in the Realm of Reality. Mions who remember their past lives try to add aspects of their previous life to the Dreamlands. Each Mion has a role and niche within their respected kingdoms and just live life to the fullest!

Each kingdom has their own respected holidays, festivals, and traditions which are handled happily by the people. With the Dreamlands constantly changing, it makes events fun and exciting! One of the biggest festivals that is celebrated throughout all of the Dreamlands is Days of Oneiros where each day for a whole week Mions celebrate all the kingdoms of the Dreamlands.

Mions do celebrate the day they were born into the Dreamlands, which is called Pearl Day.