Pearls & Birth

A Mion’s birth is something that is considered a very personal and intimate part of their life history. Some Mion’s remember their birth vividly or some don’t remember their birth at all. Mions are born from ”Pearls” These pearls are unique in color but at completely and perfectly circular, giving off a beauty glow which can only be found in the Dreamlands.

Where Pearls come from, however, is a much dark subject. Mions are directly linked to the Realm of Reality in a sense that part of them is from them. A sentient being with the ability to dream temporarily can go into the Dreamlands. If this being encounters a Malum and were killed by a Malum within the Dreamlands, their life in the Realm of Reality no longer exists. The temporary body with their consciousness within the Dreamlands forms into a Pearl and thus gives birth to a Mion