Creation of the Dreamlands & The Malums

Once upon a time there was nothing. A space less void that seemed all consuming in the midst of life. The void waited and waited for Thought and Consciousness until it happened. The Realm of Reality was not alone with its first life that not only breathed its first breath but dreamed its first dream. This newborn realm was new, only shifting hues and colors of abstractness. Then suddenly, more life was born in the Realm of Reality, and more sleep and more dreams. The Dreamland quickly grew, taking form as the Realm of Reality’s first life slept and dreamed. The impossible was possible in this separate real and pure goodness and joy was achieved.

This prosperity was short lived. For every thought of wonder and dream of excitement that buzzed about the minds of the denizens of the Realm of Reality, strange new emotions began to emerge. Fear of the unknown and its danger, sadness from defeat and loss, anger and bitterness toward their fellow neighbors, and other dark thoughts began to pervert the wondrous world in the Dreamlands. Such negative emotions took on a life of their own in the filth and rot such emotions were born from. These little aberrations spawned from the darkness in small numbers and sizes. As more and more began to emerge from the thoughts of humanity they began to consume one another and grow before devouring the very world itself. One such beast who devoured a good portion of the seemingly infinite land was not content with the land, no, it wanted more. It developed thought. It developed consciousness. The large beast set it sights on subconscious dreamer, roaming the Dreamlands. Without mercy, the Realm of Reality dreamer was devoured. Their subconsciousness and soul bound to the Dreamlands. It’s link to the Realm of Reality severed; however something miraculous happened. The weak, trapped souling took shape and form around the only piece of what was once them. From there...a pearl was born.

It this time in which the eternal struggle between the Mion and the Malum was born...