Princess Milk


Princess of all the Dreamlands. Despite her status, the Royal Family looks down at her for her seemingly common appearance



Mimir is the shopkeeper of a mysterious shop that pops up in random places, selling pearls to those who seek them and...sweets?! Not much is known of this always tired Mion, but there are tales of him spanning the ages but seemed to be all mysterious lost or destroyed..



A powerful and well-renowned knight, famous for having slain many powerful Malums that have threatened the royal families of the Dreamlands. Often serving as a guard or soldier for hire, he is a warrior of very few words but many hidden scars.



A bubbly and energetic young squire, Beibi dreams of one day becoming a powerful defender of the Dreamlands. While still a novice at battling he has remarkable skills that have served him well. Still a child at heart, he enjoys the simpler things in this dream world.

The Weaver King


King of the Weaver Kingdom and creator of the Shadow-Walkers. He brought the Dreamlands out of the shadow of the Malums and showed there is nothing to fear. Some do fear him for having no ethics or moral, his work all in the name of progress…

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