[Closed] Shadow Walker & Lightbearer MYO Sale [CLOSED]

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Please read the information carefully before claiming a slot


Information & Rules

There will be 6 slots each: 

- x3 Shadow slots and x3 Light slots for sale

- Each slot will be $20

-For each rarity there will be 2 FCFS (First come First Serve) slots and 1 raffle to purchase slot. The link to the raffle will be posted in the comment

- Because of the limit of slots, you may only purchase 1 slot per person (you can claim for a friend, just post their username on the site or some social media to find them)

- You can enter both raffles, however if you purchased an FCFS MYO slot you cannot win a raffle slot

-You can enter both raffles, but you can only "win" one raffle 


RTP (Raffle To Purchase Slots)

Shadow Walker Slot Raffle: https://www.dreamlandkingdoms.com/raffles/view/4

Lightbearer Slot Raffle: https://www.dreamlandkingdoms.com/raffles/view/5

Shadowwalker MYO raffle was rerolled due to winner already purchasing a FCFS slot 


Shadowwalker slot winner Poppy

lightbearer slot winner FrootCake



Aureamachina Avatar
Aureamachina Staff Member
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Claim Lightbearer Slots here:
0/2 FCFS Slots available

You can still get a lightbearer slot by entering the raffle above

2021-05-30 12:06:17 (Edited 2021-05-30 19:15:25)

NocturnalCorgi Avatar

I would like to claim!

2021-05-30 19:12:36

Aureamachina Avatar
Aureamachina Staff Member

Sure! Send a claim with your paypal email so I can send you an invoice

2021-05-30 19:14:56

Amara-The-Doggo-Mom Avatar

I'd like to claim!

2021-05-30 18:02:11

Aureamachina Avatar
Aureamachina Staff Member
Featured by Owner

Claim Shadow Walker Slots here:
1/2 FCFS Slots available

2021-05-30 12:06:00 (Edited 2021-05-30 22:34:11)

Erileon Avatar

:o Could I nab one of these slots?
I want to know if I can use the multi tail trait to create a nekomata style tail?

2021-05-30 21:46:18

Aureamachina Avatar
Aureamachina Staff Member

Ofc! Please send a claim with your PayPal email so that I can send you an invoice!

And yes you can <3

2021-05-30 22:33:50

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