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Spooky Disguise [October 2021 Prompt]

Category: Monthly Prompts
Ends: 2 November 2021, 00:00:00 UTC (11 months ago)


"During the Dread Moon, the powers of both Malums and Shadow-Walker Mions increase ten-fold. Before the Weaver King came into existence, Mions would disguise themselves as monsters and such to not capture the Malums attention, but with the Weaver King creating his ultimate creation, the Shadow Walkers, there is nothing to fear the Dread Moon is a highly anticipated time of the year where Mions dress up, give and collect treats, and just have fun!"


Below are some ideas on what to draw or write about for the prompt:

  • Draw or Write your Mion in a halloween costume 
  • Draw or Write about your Mion with other Mions celebrating the Dread Moon holiday!


  • For art requirements, the piece needs to have a background and have 50% of the Mion(s) being drawn
  • For literature requirements, writing requirements need to have a minimum of 800 words



  • Wicker Foraging Basket 
  • x1 Animated Experiment (October Seasonal Trait item)
  • October 2021 Prompt Patch


Reward Amount
Spook Patch 1
Wicker Forage Basket 1
Experimental Gourd 1
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