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We have an exciting, special announcement! As months of waiting and reveal, we added some new special features: 
- Foraging -
- Event Page -
- Achievements!
If you go onto the website, you should notice your little handy bar displaying your current will also display an energy bar! This will be used for foraging. We have updated our beginner's guide with all the info about Foraging! We also added some important info to the beginner's guide especially about character rarity and how to turn your Mion (Common, Shadow, or Light) into a Legendary
When you forage, you will need Keys to unlock different locations and Foraging Baskets in order to forage. The quality of the basket determins the amount of energy spent and time used when foraging.
Lastly, if you notice, while the foraging feature is up on the site, no one can forage at the moment because the staff is working hard on creating about 100 different ingredients and over 20-50 recipes for you all to craft and find. We will open foraging to everyone the moment all the assets are done, since foraging we tested. Please note, there is no deadline for this and the staff is working on a set, slow, steady pace to ensure quality of asset art. Foraging will be open the moment all assets are done and you can check out our progress here. 

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