Days of Oneiros Event

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Once upon a time,
Many eons ago,
The Dreamlands were young and so full of life, but that life was slowly being eaten away by the fearful Malum Lords. With each piece they devoured of the world, all hope seemed to be lost...
That was until 5 brave heroes came together and defeated the Malum Lords, sealing them away in the furthest reaches of the ever-expanding land. The Dreamlands were saved and completely reborn to the vibrant, colorful, and ever-abundant place it is today. 
The legend has be shared and told through the generations, each Kingdom having its own spin and sharing its diversity on the holiday symboling its rebirth. 

The event

Hello everyone! We are please to present the Days of Oneiros major event! There are many things to do and discover with this event! Please feel free to read all the info and see what new things there is to explore and do! This post is the hub for the event and will contain all the necessary information! If you believe something is missing feel free to contact our admin on discord at aureamachina#9834

Event Starts: August 15, 2021 @2pm EST
Event Ends:
  September 15, 2021 @9pm EST



Please check out this list to access all of the event's minigames, lore, and other exciting things for you and your Mions to do!



DReam Ticket Booth

Please read the following information carefully in order to correctly redeem your Dream Tickets for the items below! In order to redeem your tickets for any items in the Dream Ticket Booth you must Submit A Claim > write "Dream Ticket Booth" in the comments along with the items you are redeeming for.  In order to use your Dream Tickets, attach your tickets to the Add-On function in the claims! If you do not do this your claim will be rejected, but you will recieve instructions on how to claim correctly 


*Please note that Dream Ticket prices below can change throughout the event if prices are deemed too high/too low

= 25 Dream Tickets

= 20 Dream Tickets

= 50 Dream Tickets

= 30 Dream Tickets

= 100 Dream Tickets

= 75 Dream Tickets

= 200 Dream Tickets

= 150 Dream Tickets

= 200 Dream Tickets

= 150 Dream Tickets

= 250 Dream Tickets

= 600 Dream Tickets


= 75 Dream Tickets

= 40 Dream Tickets

= 50 Dream Tickets

= 60 Dream Tickets

= 50 Dream Tickets


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