May/June 2021 Update

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Hello to those in the Dreamlands!

We have a few announcements to make that we thought would be better on our website!  This post will have all the info for excitement things happening very recently! Please read all the info below if you are interested!


Biweekly Free DTA Raffle

At the moment, we have our biweekly free DTA (Draw to Adopt) Raffle that is currently on going! There is still time to get entries in so feel free to draw up this cute mion for the chance to own him for free! Please note that this raffle ends June 6, 2021

Biweekly DTA Mion


Discord Minigame!

Today (May 28 2021) at 6pm EST we are starting our monthly discord minigame! This month's minigame is Draw the Mion Above You! Below are the rules to play: 

- Just draw the mion above and then put the link to any mions you own for someone else to draw
- If you dont own a mion, you are free to use any NPCs
- Piece needs to be colored. Can be any media or art type (portait, haflbody, fullbody, etc)

Participation Award:
- 100 DD

If you wish to play, feel free to access our discord from our front page under links! 


ShadowWalker & Lightbearer MYO SALE!

On May 30, 2021 @ 2pm EST on our website we will be having a MYO SLOT SALE FOR SHADOW WALKER & LIGHTBEARER SLOTS Please note there will be 3 slots so 6 slots in total. To make things fair 1 slot each will have a raffle for the chance to buy a slot so that its not fair by having all slots be first come first serve.

The sale will take place on our website!. A link with the sales post will be posted on the discord as well as dA group. On the Sales post link on the website will also have comments for the first come first serve slots as well as the raffle to buy slots which will link to the raffles that will also be hosted on site.

If anyone has any questions, concerns, etc feel free to send claim or comment on Aureamachina's profile on our website
Thank you very much!



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