Dread Moon [EVENT]

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Despite the silent of the Malum Lords, Malums still roamed the Dreamlands, striking danger and fear in the hearts of the Dreamland. While warriors and magicians from far and wide tried their best to quell attacks, warriors of skill to face bigger malums were few. The problems only worsened during the Dread Moon, a large full moon once a year that increased the power of Malums, making them larger and more powerful. It was by the will of the Weaver King that he created an artificial Mion, a being both Mion but made with the flesh of Malums and can harness the power of the Dread Moon. Since their creation, the Shadow-Walkers became Malum hunters, helping the Dreamlands push back the threat and making the Dreamlands safe. They were rewarded with freedom and land and every Dread Moon is now a night of celebration in honor of the hunters in the dark.... 


Hello everyone! We are pleased to present the Dread Moon mini event! There are many things to do and discover with this event! Please feel free to read all the info and see what new things there is to explore and do! This post is the hub for the event and will contain all the necessary information! If you believe something is missing feel free to contact our admin on discord at aureamachina#9834

Event Starts: October 20, 2021 @9am EST
Event Ends:
  November 2, 2021 @9am EST



Please check out this list to access all of the event's minigames, lore, and other exciting things for you and your Mions to do!


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