Terms of Service

Welcome to the Terms of Service (TOS) page for Mions. Please take a moment to read through the terms below because by registering to the site means you are automatically agreeing to the content below! The information below contains both our terms as well as general rules for the site and species. Violations of any of the rules and/or terms below will result in a warning unless stated otherwise. We work on a “3 Strike” Policy, meaning that 3 warnings will result in a ban from the species. We also hold the right to revise and adjust the TOS if needed. 

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​Intellectual Property Rights

  • The creators, Daniella Milanese (@TheHumanHeart/Aureamachina on media platforms)  maintain all intellectual rights to the Mion species. This is a closed species, meaning that you are not allowed to create and sell any aspect of Mions for profit nor you are not allowed to make your own without a MYO (Make Your Own) slot
  • When purchasing upgrades, designs, or MYOs you are only purchasing the design (i.e: your Mion) and content. While the owner has rights to the specific character, they do not have rights to the species itself (Such as the power to sell an adopt you didn’t make yourself for the purpose of selling, the website, worldbuilding concepts, etc.
  • You may not use Mions commerically, this includes any sort of content for profit (books, comics, etc). Only approved artists are able to designs if they wish. 
  •  All official Mion related sales and content is only on whatever social media platforms the official arts and members of staff use, such as Deviantart, Instagram, Furaffinity, Twitter, or even directly on the site as well.


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Purchases on the Mion’s website

  • Mion designs created by the approved artists can also be sold as well. Any purchase is done through Paypal. In order to use Paypal, users must be 18 or older. This rules allows us to communicate with the individual and Paypal, as well as prevent problems such as backcharging that could be caused by a adult guardian if underaged. 
  • With paid content, the invoice for whatever is purchased is always considered “Primary Proof” 
  • ​With paid content, all purchases are considered final and no refunds will be issued. 
  • With paid content, all purchases must be paid within 24 hours of the invoice and invoice confirmation being sent; payment plans are an expection to this rule 
  • Users do not have to be 18 or older to purchase items or MYO slots that the Dream Dust currency 


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General Rules

  •  ALL USERS MUST BE 13 or OLDER TO JOIN THE WEBSITE, participate in the discord, or community! 
    • This rule is extremely non-negotiable. As a roleplay group as well as, a species geared towards character development, there will be many themes such as violence, gore, or mature subjects not suitable for those under the age of 13. If a member is found to be under the age of 13, they will be banned from the group until they turn 13 years of age and can verify their age.
    • This rule is mainly to keep in line with the rules of money transfer mediums like Paypal, Vemno, Zelle, etc. You do not have to be 18 to purchase items with in-game currency [COMING SOON]
  • ​No NSFW content of any kind should be submitted to the website/forums
  • Be kind of respect of others. There will be no harassment, guilt-tripping, whining, or any unsightly behavior within the website, discord, or community. 
  • No talks of politics, racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, anti-religious talk, religious forcing, etc, of any kind!  
  • You don’t need to own a Mion to join the group! We have NPCs that are free to use as well.


  • By joining the group, participating in the community, purchasing designs, you are therefore bound by the rules and TOS of the species and verifying you are 13 or older to be part of the Mion species. 
  •  If we find proof that you underage despite joining and participating in the group (and therefore being bound by the rules and TOS of Mions) you will be banned until you become of age to join and will need to reverify your age with staff. 

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  • For Mions that were free to make or have no price tag can be resold, traded, gifted or swapped since additional content (commissions) can be appraised
  • For Mions that were purchased or if MYO slots were purchased, the price may no exceed the amount you paid for them (including the amount total in terms of a MYO slot and/or Mutation add-ons). You may, however, add on the amount you paid for in content/commissions. The amount you paid for in content/commissions must be “appraised”
  • Appraisal Process to add additional content to price value
    • If a proof of purchase per commission is available 
    • Artwork made by you will not be counted to the price value since it wasn’t purchase
    • If the artist who created the commission allows it on their TOS for their art to be used/repurchase/resold/add value
  • You may NOT harass, solicit, whine, beg, or guilt trip, or have unslightly behavioral to individuals to trade, sell, or swap their Mion. 
  • You MAY sell a Mion you received in a trade, however you must not exceed the resale value
  • All exchanges (trading/resells,swaps, gifts) are considered final! Please careful consider exchanging your Mion
  • All Mions have a 2 week Cooldown; meaning that you are not allowed to exchange your mion before the date that is displayed on the masterlist when they enter. 


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Custom-made Mion Content

  • The price of the custom will depend on rarity, added mutations, what forms, as well as the price of the artist for their work
  • Only the approved/authorized artist(s) can make official customs
  • Process on the custom will only commence when the full amount of the custom is paid for. 
  • ​Any authorized artists have the right to refuse, cancel, and/or refund your custom at any time if the artist is pressured, harassed, uncomfortable with the individual and/or request or in a stressful situation. Any canceled customs will be refunded if it happens. 
  • You may not resell/trade/swap your custom mion before completion and before the 2 week Cooldown


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Mental Health Wellness & Awareness

Mions and its staff are creating an initiative to combat against issues in the Closed Species communities that affect mental health and therefore, Mions and its staff are open and aware to mental health. We understand that there is only so much that we can do to help, but below our points will be resources that anyone can access if they feel they need help.

  • If you feel that the the group or a staff member or any event within the group is affecting your mental health, please note the group so we can help you and can provide help.
  • If you feel that a member of the community or the community itself is affecting your mental health, please note the group with your story so we can help you. 
  • If you feel that a possible spending addiction is development or dependencies with the group please feel free to note the group or contact one of the many sources below. ​
    •  SAMHSA National Helpline1-800-662-4357 : This hotline can refer you and give you information for you to get help. This hotline is also for mental health support as well
    • Debtor’s Anonymous : this service is free and you can find groups that are online to help you if you don’t have access to transportation if you are simply too shy.
    • Mental Health Apps: If you have access to a smartphone, there are free apps that help support and alleviate those who are hurting mentally. Some are chatrooms while others can link you with professionals to help you in a moment of crisis or hurt.


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Website & Data

By using our service, the Mion closed species and DreamlandKingdoms website, you agree to the storage of data such as public IP, cookies and other identifying information in order to enhance user experience and site preformance. In accordance to GDPR, users residing within the European Economic Community may request deletion of all user related data or request a "package" including all currently stored data. For more information please see our Privacy Policy.