FREquently asked questions

Here is where you can find answers to commonly asked questions. If your question is not here, you are always free to submit a Claim or go to our FAQ in our discord for more urgent inquiries. 

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1. How can I obtain a Mion?

A: You can obtain a Mion by either purchasing a MYO slot from our shop, purchasing a design,  or obtain either for free in events

2. How many traits does a MYO allow?

A: When making your MYO Mion, only a maximum if 5 traits are allowed, however more traits can be added on with trait upgrade items

3. What if the trait I want to give my Mion isn't listed?

A: If a trait isn't listed, you are free to ask the staff about it to see if any current traits can be modified to the trait you want

4. How do I obtain and use the currency for Mions?

A: This answer can easily be found in our Beginner's Guide

5. Are there any restrictions when redesigning a premade mion?

A:  When it comes to redesigning a premade mion, the design has to retain at least some of the original aspect. If you are redesigning a premade mion, you are free to contact the staff to help you.

6. Are there any limits to what I can do with my Mion?

A: You are free do whatever you wish! The only limit is commercial usage, meaning you cannot use your Mion to many any sort of momentary value (YouTube videos, paid content, etc).

7. Where do I go to ask questions?

A: Questions can be asked and readily answered on our discord, or by submitting a claim on our website

8. I want to update/change my Mion's design. I want to add/change my Mion's traits. How do I do this?

A: This answer can easily be found in our Beginner's Guide under Masterlist changes, etc

9. How do I find out how much my Art/Literature is worth without submitting it?

A: This answer can easily be found in our Beginner's Guide under Dream Dust Currency

10. What is Mion of the Month? Why should I care?

A: Mion of the Month is a small, but fun way to engage the community. Whoever writes/draws the Mion of the month gets double the rewards. the MotM (Mion of the Month) is a feature that is randomly generated every month

11. What is Nitro Boosting on the Discord Server? 

A: When you help out and boost the mion server, lots of rewards and goodies are automatically added to the server. Not only does streaming get better, or higher picture qualities but we also allow members to create their own emojis of their Mion so that everyone can use them to have a fun, happy, and safe community space! When anyone boosts our server, they will either get a MYO slot (either special, lightbearer, or shadowwalker) or a Trait upgrade (rare to special). These rewards changes every 22nd of the month

12. Can I take Dream Dust commissions? How do I transfer DD to another user

A: You can absolutely take Dream Dust commissions! In order to transfer DD to another user go to the top navbar > Home > Bank. You will see the option to transfer DD to another user