Beginner’s Guide

Getting started

  • In order to fully enjoy the species and gain access to all of the website's features, you must first create an account by Registering
  • Once you have registered, you should receive a verification email. If you did not receive a verification email, click your username and then Settings. There will be a link you can press in order to resend a verification email.
  • Once your email has been verified, the next step in order to access the full site is the authorize your Deviantart account. To do this, please head over to Settings and press the Authorize button to link your Deviantart account with our Lorekeeper site. 
  • IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A DEVIANTART ACCOUNT, creating a deviantart account is very simple! Just head over to dA and simply register. Nothing else more needs to be done besides going back on the Mion website and going through the steps above to authorize your account!

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Creating Your Mion

When creating your Mion, you are free to look under the Traits (Info > Traits)  to find all of the possible traits Mions have. Before you make your Mion, there are two important things to note:

  • Mions can only use 5 traits max!
  • Traits can be added on or changed with trait upgrade items

If you are struggling with drawing your Mion or simple want a base, click the button below to access the official base! It is a .psd file which can be opened but most, if not all art programs and has multiple layers for the ear and tail traits. Body traits were not included since body traits can be modified any way the owner/artists choses and can be drawn on the base

Mion Base [Free to Use]

Also please check out these tips and pointers about Traits.

  • All traits can be combined or mixed together to create unique traits
  • Trait combinations (for example glass horns [glass body x horns] ) only count as 1 trait

Below is some info about Character Rarity!

Mions only have 4 rarities. When creating your MYO please take note to these important notes about a character's rarity

  • Common
  • Shadow Walker - Only has access to Shadow traits 
  • Lightbearer - Only has access to Light Traits 
  • Legendary - Has access to all traits, including Seasonal, Light, and Shadow

Please note the following below about trait upgrade items and Character Rarity: 

  • Common Mions can turn into Lightbearer Mions if they use a Holy Cookie item (Light Upgrade Item)
  • Common Mions can turn into Shadow-walker Mion if they use a Shadow Sucker item (Shadow upgrade item)
  • All Mions (Common, Shadow-walker, or Lightbearer) can become a Legendary if they use a Holy Cookie or Shadow Sucker trait upgrade item at any point or time. 

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Submitting Your Mion for Approval

After creating your Mion, it is time to get them approved! Mions can be created with MYO slots on the website and approved! If your MYO Mion was created outside the website it can still be approved as well. In order to do this, you must access Submit > Submit A Claim. From there you type in all of the info as well as an image of your Mion.

If you have a MYO Slot item, follow these steps to easily submit your MYO for approval!

  1. Access your inventory and click on your MYO Slot Item
  2. Press "Use Item". After doing an MYO Slot will be created. To check this go to your Profile and go to MYO Slots under the User section on the left hand side
  3. Click on the MYO Slot entry of your choice. Under the left hand side under Settings, there will be a button called Submit MYO Design
  4. You will be prompted to a Design Approval Request. Please fill out the information required before saving and submitting. Any items to upgrade traits can be used at this time
  5. Wait for approval! Once it is approved, you will receive a notification!

Once all the info is submitted, it will be quickly approved so you can use and enjoy your new Mion! They will also be placed in the Masterlist to keep a record of your Mion. 


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Dream Dust is a currency that can be earned by drawing/writing your Mion or drawing for other people! There are many ways to obtain Dream Dust such as:

  • Participating in prompts and events
  • Playing small games in the discord. These minigames will be announced
  • Submitting art or literature to our Gallery by pressing the + button

Dream Dust can be used in the Dream Dust Apothecary shop to buy various items. 

If anyone is interested on how DD is calculated please view our chart here!
Dream Dust Chart


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Masterlist Changes, Issues & etc.

There will be times where you have items that can change traits and rarities or perhaps there are mistakes. If you have any issues or anything that isn't a site-related issue you simply need to make a Claim. In order to make a claim, follow these steps

  1. Go the Submit on the navbar and press "Submit Claim"
  2. URLs are always required. So if it has to do with a masterlist entry, just put the link of the Masterlist entry and put what needs to be changed in the comments. If there something wrong that isn't a site bug related issue, please post a screenshot 

How Do I Update My Mion? Change Their Design, Etc?
If you wish to update your Mion's design, please view the steps below:

  1. Click on your Mion's ML Entry
  2. Left Sidebar > Settings > Update Design
  3. Fill out all the neccessary information and submit! If you are adding traits by using trait upgrade items, you can use your trait upgrade items in the Add-on section of the form 


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Foraging & Crafting

In the Dreamlands, players will be able to Forage for ingredients, that they can Craft and create a bunch of useful items. Below is a small tutorial about foraging and crafting. Before you Forage or Craft, be sure to check out Beginner's Prompt #2 to get started on your Foraging and Crafting Adventure!


In order to Forage, you have to find the foraging page. You can do this by:
> Top Nav Bar > Play > Forage

When you Forage, you will need a Key to unlock different foraging locations as well as Forage Basket in order to forage in any location. When you forage, it will use up your Energy Bar and it will take time. The quality of the Foraging Basket you have will determine the amount of energy and time used to forage. It is possible to forage in multiple locations at the same time as long as you have enough energy! Energy will be completely refilled every 24 hours. 


In order to Craft, you have to find the Craft page. You can do this by:
> Top Nav Bar > Play > Crafting

When you craft, you will have free recipes already provided to you, or you will be able to find recipes while foraging! There are many recipes you can find. Some recipes will be for items while some recipes will be to craft higher quality ingredients that you cant find while foraging. Be sure to forage a lot to find everything!  In order to craft you will need ingredients. Ingredients can be found by foraging. Lastly, please note that every recipes as its own success rate. Harder and rarer recipes will have lower success rates! So be sure to forage for everything you need!